Sunday, 17 January 2010

~Holidy Events~

It's quite a moment that I don't do anything unto my blog. Here I'm going to briefly decsribe what I have done during my last sem break.

Our 1st outing:
Go Genting( Gambling & "steamboating' in a vy nice weather)
Captured at " qing shui wan" there

2nd is 3 dys 2 nites at Langkawi:

( Langkawi airport)

( enjoying the beach)

Our 3rD outing:

Bfore tat outing is christmas eve, so v make a vy simply party(steamboat) bt meaningful. After tat v go the highest place inbtg to watch the firewoks bt it's end up nothing..hahah..after tat go "yam cha" n bec home slep. Tat's hw v celebrate it..

On tat christmas dy v go Having "tian ji" & then Lek suggests go Sum Sum waterfall at Janda baik ( Bsid the Sum Sum riverside)

Edited by our technician Mr. Jacob ( Me,Jacob & our dear Moniecca)

Tat's wat v done together during 2 months time...Seeing each other untul fel bore almoz bt I dint fel in tat way...It's so hapi tat Moniecca cum bec n thank God finally she's on our track..hahah..

Sunday, 23 August 2009

~ $$$$$ ~
Today while I am still sleeping, suddenly one thing crossed over my mind.
What would you think about when I say so????
That is “MONEY” which gives me an idea to write a new blog here.
Each of every thing that came across actually was a reflection of certain event.

Similarly, mines one actually was after observing and realizing something not intently.
How you evaluate the value of money???
Would you be the slave of money???
It’s a reality that somebody nowadays gets their satisfactory through money instead of other else things.
So much so that money can buy problem resolution.
It’s gradually become a human’s norm destructive issue which lead to marriage broken and other social problems such as taking advantages of each other.

This actually is what I gossip with Jacob when I was doing assignment at his home.
Instead of letting money to become your master, we should master over it.
Some sort of things might resolve by money but some are didn’t in long term.
The more you strive for it, the more you come across with circumstances that related to it or you discover that life start to become meaningless.
It depends on you whether you want to believe it or not.

Think about it, the value for you and feel pleased if any comment that dropped to me.
The more we think critically the more mature we are.
For me, all sufficient GOD will sustain us. I always learn contentment from God and my gang of buddies is what I always proud over and thankfully I didn’t miss it during the precious school time.
I always say that ‘friends might be countless, scattered around but best friends are countable’. This is what you never buy with money, the relationship, the shared experience and memory…
This what I meant.I want to ended here with this message which sent by Jacob
~ When yoou run too fast to get somewhere, you will miss the scenealong the road. Life is not a race! Take it slower and enjoy the music before the song over ~

Tuesday, 28 July 2009

~ " Boyfriends" among the Boy's friends ~

I was touched when not intentionally I read a blog from my dear friend, Jacob's friend about the "Boyfriend" among the boy's friends.

Maybe what I had gone through before that did give me some impacts in experienced what the blogger said.

In our life, no matter boy or girl, there might be somebody who in the opposite gender that indirectly play a crucial role & might give u some unknown feelings which you wouldn't realize about it until something triggerring you.

But I have to clarify here that the feeling I mention is not " love".

Same situation goes to me, I had such boys friend so much so that they really bring lots of funs and joys in my life to the extend I forget all the sadden events for that moment I with them. They do care us, feel not comfortable when our tears flow down...

They didn't have any intention to take any advantages from you & so true in that relationship.

Last time, deep inside my heart I always had this question
" why they seem like treat me even better than who I declare him as " boyfriend" . So much so that I'l feel that boyfriend sometime spiritually endanger you. We might be get affected if any unpleasant events occur but I can sure that boy's friends wouldn't treat u like that.

Maybe I can say to myself that having them in my life is one of the bleesings which comes first before I meet the expected "HIM".

Sometime somehow I wonder that can I find a spouse that resemble them who really come into my heart, mopped away all the saddens leave down wonderful memories for the rest of the life???
Bt the simplest the harder...

I'm sure u'll there wondering who the boy's friends???? I can tell u ...

He is u ,u,u,u & u...Get it??? Hahah..Im sure u all knw...

Monday, 15 June 2009

~ A journey Of “ REST” ~

During this semester break, again I was blessed to experience something new- teaching.
I was glad that I was hired as a temporary teacher at my former primary school.
Throughout that period I have learnt how to teach a pupil which is literally considered easy but practically hard in turn.
I wish that all these experiences are useful in the future especially when I bless to set up a family.

Except this, when the weekend is coming, our Khai Mun gathering was on.
Lots of interesting topics among us which might bore in the beginning but sooner or later climax was on- Laughing !!!
That’s why sometime somehow I feel that my friends are even better than ????
We went to sing k while celebrate birthday & I found that they are the one who I desire to go with because of the songs that we chose which indirectly show that we have the same interest in choosing song – style,feel,favourite….which seldom sang by others like “我爱的人伤我最深,选择,最熟悉的陌生人….
Here we are - My sweet buddies

Tommy, Tong Hoe, Mikki, Andy, Patricia(me), Jacob


Tommy, Patricia(me), Jacob

Next is we were so glad & welcome Jasmine’s bf (James) in the midst of us.
As we promise before, that particular “candidate” has to go through some judgment set by us for the spouse’s future sake.
Sound terrible???
As what we had decided before, there are 3 juries – Me ( president), Mikki ( Vice president) ,Jasmine before that person is sent to our honorable & wise jugde - ( Tommy) hahah…to select the best spouse.
Then Jacob said he will hide her up until marriage as he scare she might not be able to face all those “test” successively and fail. Hahaha…

No one will know what's going to happen in the future???